Our goal is to make sustainable transportation available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Every abofiets is maintained with love so that our bikes always stay in circulation. We make sturdy bikes that you can use personally and flexibly without leaving a carbon footprint. From concept to design to maintenance to waste, caring for our environment is central to our existence.


The principle is to share bikes with each other in a personal way. You can start using an abofiets and cancel it whenever you want. We take care of the bikes and keep them in circulation.


Wanneer een abofiets stuk gaat repareren wij de fiets zodat onze fietsen in circulatie blijven. Kapotte onderdelen worden alleen vervangen en gerecycled in het geval deze onherstelbaar zijn.


The frame of each abofiets is made of robust steel so that they last extra long. All parts of the abofiets are selected on the basis of quality and production method.


With us, there is no tolerance for unnecessary waste. Necessary waste is separated and recycled. Also, our cardboard is reused by various web stores.