Our mission is green.

Yours too?

The word ”sustainable” is used everywhere these days. It is rather ironic that this is also done by the same companies that are largely responsible for polluting our planet.

For us, sustainability is the objective of our existence because we are on a mission to make green means of transport accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. We ensure that our bicycles always remain in circulation by maintaining them in a sustainable manner.

We make bikes so you can use them without a carbon footprint. From concept to design to maintenance to waste, sustainability is at the heart of our existence. Below we explain exactly what makes abofiets sustainable.


The fundamental principle of our concept is to share sustainable and personal transport. Our goal is to make our sturdy bikes with sustainable service accessible to everyone.


Defective parts are only replaced and recycled if they are unrepairable. All bicycles and parts are lovingly maintained in Amsterdam.


The frame of each abofiets is made of robust steel so that they last extra long. All parts of the abofiets are selected on the basis of quality and production method.


We have 0% tolerance for unnecessary waste.  Necessary waste is separated and recycled.

Fun facts:

The first prototype is still in circulation today.

So far, not a single abofiets has been declared unusable.

Our cardboard is reused for shipments by online shops.