The subscription lasts for one month and is automatically renewed for a period of one month, however you’re not bound to anything. You can cancel your subscription at all times without a notice period, so you wont have to pay for an additional month when you cancel your subscription.

The risk of theft is small if you always irremovably double lock your abofiets. This is done by using the ring lock and inserting chain to lock your abofiets to a fixed object such as a bike rack or pole. If your abofiets gets stolen anyway, we’ll first make sure you can continue biking as soon as possible. You return your keys, pay your deductible amount  (own risk) and together with one of our team members file a police report. The deductible amount (own risk) amounts to €99.- and is only a small contribution towards the bike retail vale of €499.-

We currently offer the abofiets in: Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Almere, Diemen, Hoofddorp, Hilversum, Haarlem, Utrecht and Zaandam.

You can easily order your abofiets by signing up via the sign up button. We’ll make an appointment to deliver your brand new abofiets once you’re signed up.

We currently offer one type of bike. View the abofiets cargo here

€16.- per month including 24/7 effortless roadside assistance service.

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