The idea was to make premium quality bikes accessible to everyone and relieve the cyclist of everything except pedaling. Meanwhile, the concept where you get an always working bike for a fixed amount per month was in need of an upgrade. That is exactly what we have done with abofiets. Our bikes are sturdier, our service easier and the price lower.

Our first bike, the abofiets Cargo, has a retail value of €499 and is specifically designed for you. Quality and sustainability are at the core of the design process, which minimizes the need for repair or replacement. We have ensured that the abofiets is extra robust, comfortable and lightweight. Each abofiets is assembled with love in Amsterdam and personally maintained by our small team.

Does your abofiets break down anyway? Then you can use our maintenance and roadside assistance service 24/7 free of charge via WhatsApp. Once you have requested service and your abofiets is irremovably double locked outside, you are no longer needed. You don’t have to wait for our mechanic or carry your broken bike to a store. In fact, you can continue with what you were planning to do that day or night. In the meantime, we will come and repair or replace your abofiets at the location your chose within a few hours.