About us.

It all started when two guys from Amsterdam decided to combine their experience in mobility design with their driven passion for a sustainable green world. The idea was to make solid bikes accessible for everyone and to unburden the user of everything except pedaling. Meanwhile the concept where you get a bike that always works for a fixed monthly fee needed an upgrade. That’s what we did with abofiets, our bikes are more solid, our service easier and the price lower. 

Our first bike, also known as the abofiets Cargo, has a retail value of €499 and is specially designed for you. Quality and sustainability are core principles in the design process so the need for repairs and replacements is minimized. We’ve made sure that every single abofiets is robust, comfortable, lightweight and unique. Every single abofiets is assembled with love in Amsterdam and maintained by our small team.

Is your abofiets broken? You can use our 24/7 roadside assistance via WhatsApp free of charge. As soon as you’ve requested roadside assistance and have irremovably double locked your bike, you’re no longer needed. You don’t have to wait for the abofiets mechanic or drag your broken bike to a store. In fact, you can just continue with your plans for that day or night. Within a few hours we’ll come and fix or replace your abofiets. We’ll send you a WhatsApp message as soon as your bike is fixed and you can return.

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